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Wood Recycling London

We offer comprehensive recycling services across London, including wood recycling services. For a free quote, just call our team of experts today.

Wood recycling is steadily making more and more sense. It’s estimated that businesses in the United Kingdom produce 2 million tonnes of wood waste each year from manufacturing or from packaging, including pallets and packing cases.

As waste disposal becomes ever more expensive for businesses, wood recycling and reusing your wood waste is turning into a more cost effective alternative. We help you take the best advantage of the wood recycling market.

Wood Recycling Products Contain
Scrap pallets
Packaging crates
Solid lumber
Chipboard (not melamine coated)

We can supply various collection techniques to accommodate you from dumpsters to open roll on containers or trailer vehicles for larger amounts.

Contact us today to discuss how we can assist you in making money from your wood waste, reduce your management commitments and enable you to get more website space back in precisely the same time.

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