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WEEE Recast London

Ten years after the Council of the European Union introduced the original small Directive 2002/96/EC, it’s published a Recast Directive, 2012/19/EU, on 24 July 2012. The Recast is required to be introduced into UK Regulation by 14 Feb 2014 but in any case is expected to be introduced in time for the start of the 2014 Compliance Period (01 Jan 2014).

The Recast impacts many regions of the original small Directive including but not limited to: collection and retrieval targets; scope and categorisation of small; Distributor take-back provisions; Appropriate Treatment

Collection Targets:
The Recast appreciably increases divide small collection objectives from 4kgs per capita today to a minimum of 45% of the total average weight of EEE put in the marketplace in every one of the three preceding years by 2016, and to evolve from there to 2019 where the UK must achieve a minimum 65% of the typical weight of EEE put in the marketplace in the three preceding years, or alternatively 85% of the small generated in the UK. To be able to compare with existing objectives the UK must therefore accumulate the equivalent of approximately 20kgs by 2019.

Recycling & Recovery Targets:
Retrieval & Recycling targets (the percentage of substance recovered from a tonne of tiny received from treatment) shall stay as they’re from Aug 2012 through August 2015. Thereafter, the Retrieval & Recycling target rates are raised by 5% for all types of small other than Gas Discharge Lamps, the goal for which will stay as 80%. From 2019, the Recovery and Recycling targets will apply to the six new groups described below.

Scope and categorisation:
Following a six year transition period, from 15 Aug 2018, the present ten types of small will be condensed to six and an open scope executed with extra appliances added at this phase including LEDs and Photovoltaic panels.

Distributor take-back provisions:
Distributor take-back provisions are expanded for Distributors with EEE sales areas of =/>400m2 who’ll be asked to take back quite little WEEE (no external dimension >25cm) from users without an obligation to buy EEE of an equivalent kind.

Definition of Family WEEE:
Expanded to include Waste from EEE likely to be used by both private households and users other than private households which, in any event, shall be regarded as Household small.

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