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London Waste Recycling

From waste to resource!

Handling our waste more sustainably is among the biggest challenges of our time.

Our continued investment in new facilities and technologies means we’re increasingly capable to transform home and company waste into useful resources, whilst reducing volumes that go to landfill.

*Asbestos – must never be set in some of our containers at any given time. We can refer you to a accredited firm to perform your disposal for you.
Contact us with specifics of the waste and we’ll refer you to an proper licenced facility.
*Tyres – can just be accepted with prior agreement. They incur an added disposal fee.
*Electric goods – again can only be accepted with prior arrangement and incur added disposal costs.
*Fluorescent tubes – must never be set in any containers.
Additional advice and guidance can be found from the Northern Ireland Environment Agency in the disposal of numerous waste flows through their webs.

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