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From waste to resource!

It makes great business sense to embrace an effective environmental waste management system as an integrated portion of your working practices.

Commercial Waste London will be able to assist you in finding a sustainable waste management system which stays between conformity as well as the Best Practicable Environmental Option. We’re an innovative firm using the most recent technology and practices and we’ll investigate all alternatives accessible to give you the best environmental waste management option.

By including enhanced environmental and sustainable waste management, businesses can:

*Reduce waste generation and release
*Remove or reduce disposal prices for particular waste flows
*Raise generation efficacy
*Improve your business image within business as well as the local community
*Ensure complete compliance with all current environmental legislation

It shows external and societal obligation and direction by managing all facilities and services to the greatest environmental and professional standards.

Especially, the organization is devoted to fulfilling the following goals:

Encourage the very best practicable environmental option for all kinds of waste.

Constant progress in environmental performance, maximising environmental gains and taking all necessary things to do to stop pollution.

Setting and tracking of goals and goals that reduce negative impacts to the surroundings and augment favourable impacts.

Using energy and natural resources more economically and supporting the development and usage of alternate fuels and recycled products.

Identifying and executing environmental development schemes to help the people, stakeholders and workers wherever possible.

Supplying training and data for all workers so that they develop a better comprehension of health, security and environmental problems as well as the firm’s dedication, policies and programmes for protecting and improving the environment.

Proactive consultation and dialogue together with the general public, stakeholders and workers to the organization ‘s environmental performance.

Efficiently conveying the policy to any or all workers and other stakeholders.

We work in dangerous, demanding and sensitive surroundings. We run throughout London and have the scale, abilities, resources, and expertise to deliver jobs safely, to program as well as on budget.

Our commercial services comprise:

*Asbestos Surveys
*Asbestos Removal/Remediation
*Design and erection of scaffolding access options
*Thermal insulating material including design and manufacturing of ferrous and non-ferrous alloy cladding systems
*Surface groundwork, protection and coatings
*Reinstatement of nonhazardous insulating material/fire proofing substances following removal of asbestos or hazardous materials
*Land Remediation

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